About the company

«Kazfilter» LLP is the first manufacturer of air, oil and fuel filters for special machinery, passenger and freight vehicles. The plant capacity is one million units per year. The company owns high productivity modern equipment and technology that allows the company to make product that meets world-class standards.

From the very beginning our vision has always been to make a quality product using highest quality filtering materials.As a result we are now manufacturing top tier products that can easily compete with imported analogues of well-known international brands.

«KazFilter» LLP specializes in manufacturingfilters for mining, freight and commercial equipment, as well as agricultural, road-building and other specialty machinery.For a specialization such as this one it is necessary to use advanced developments in the area of filtration, because the conditions in which the vehicles that use KazFilter’s products operatein harsh conditions and require long service life with maximum reliability and high level of engine protection against clogging.